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CAMP POLICY: CP -2001-001
Petty Cash




Series 2001



Approved By: Commander Date Issued: 13 Jan. 2001 Date Effective: 13 Jan. 2001

By the authority vested in me as Commander, pursuant to § 2 of Article XV, of the Camp Bylaws, the following policy of the Phil Sheridan Camp No. 4, is hereby deemed by me as necessary and prudent, relative to a course of action considered expedient, judicious, and advantageous to the Camp:

(a) This policy establishes that the sum of $50 may be used for petty cash, for purposes of facilitating and accelerating the processing of transactions associated with Camp brunch meetings (e.g., for providing change to members purchasing brunch), and for other purposes that the Camp may authorize from time to time.

(b) The minimum balance of $50 shall be maintained for petty cash while in control of the custodian, who shall be responsible for the security of said petty cash. Any balance in excess of $50, upon the close of business of any Camp meeting (or other authorized Camp activity), shall be considered a donation to the Camp and deposited in an appropriate account of this Camp.

(c) Authorized Petty Cash Custodians of the Camp are as follows: the Camp Commander, the Camp Treasurer, and the three Members of the Camp Council.

(d) The petty cash shall be safeguarded in a lockable cash box which should be kept locked when not attended by a custodian. Keys and combinations shall be kept in a secure place by the custodian.

The foregoing Camp Policy is established this 13th day of January in the year of our Lord 2001, in the City of San José, County of Santa Clara, State of California by Tad D. Campbell, Commander of the Phil Sheridan Camp No. 4, Department of California and Pacific, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.


By Order of: /s/ Tad D. Campbell

Camp Commander
Phil Sheridan Camp No. 4


By: /s/ Daniel R. Earl
Camp Secretary-Treasurer

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